The Evolution of Falafel

Since the early ages, humankind tends to evolve mainly to survive and to thrive in a harsh environment, food was no exception. It moves and adapts as human civilization flourishes throughout history. Falafel is traditionally created with fava beans however, we broke tradition and got creative with our falafel. Many Chefs and food aficionado tried to add a twist and enhance it. Here is the list of different varieties of falafel that became staples to some regions.

The Fried

Deep-fried to perfection, the golden brown crispy exterior and drizzled with tahini sauce that enhances the flavour. It can be made by a gadget or by hand as long as it forms a shape. In this essential form, it can be now added with different ingredients to intensify it. This is a dish that can be enjoyed by meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

The Wrap

When buying a falafel from a street food vendor, it will usually be served in a pita or wrap, which holds the falafel balls and as much salad as you can squeeze in. It has thinly chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, onion slices, grated carrot and green pepper with a hot chilli sauce. With so much choice, you can keep trying new combinations, until you find something to suit you. Check online for Al-Quds Falafel and get special discounts.

The Salad

Falafel has become popular among vegetarians and vegans, as an alternative to meat-based street foods. While often used to make veggie burgers, it has become more widely used as a source of protein. Due to its versatility, it can be added to many existing recipes and help enhance the food.

On-going Falafel Dishes

The best chefs in the world are on the lookout for new recipes and food innovation. So far, there are still many dishes are being made out of falafel. Chefs have been using different techniques to save money on electronics and bring new exciting flavours that will blow our taste buds.