Mediterranian’s All-Day Dish

From the arid of sands of the pyramid to the bustling street of the big apple, This nomad dish has wandered the world and became a pillar on major cities. Shaping cultures along the way and it has given us a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the ancient world and what type of food they eat.


The possibilities are endless. As there is no restriction on imagination and creativity. Falafels can be made in any form and size and no rule states that it can only be made as a ball or deep-fried. You can make it as a waffle and serve with egg benedict, pair with hot coffee and you are ready to take on challenges of the day.


As the day progress, as you tread your way to your colossal daily task, you would need a heavier meal on the halftime to replenish your energy. Now you can pair it with rice or a salad of your choice as long as it has a garlic sauce and hummus to get you going. Don’t forget to check online for promo codes.


For your pitstop, you can grab a Falafel wrap stuffed with fresh vegetables and tahini sauce. As you end your day in a more relaxed evening or while just browsing online shops like lazada and zalora, your trusty falafel companion will always be reliable go-to snacks. Adding sauces such as garlic sauce and tahini sauce elevates the whole snacking experience. It can make you feel full without eating too much.

Perfect for Vegetarians and People with Protein-Based Diet

Traditional falafels are made of 100% vegetables. They are rich in protein and minerals perfect for people who are working out or having a protein-based diet. This dish is good for the muscles and the brain too. Since it has a slight hint of crispiness and soft, chewy texture, it is a good dish for older people who are having trouble chewing heavy meat.